Why do Cats Knead? Finally We Have an Answer!

Why do Cats Knead Finally We Have an Answer
My tomcat wants to appear independent and usually doesn’t ask for stroking, but sometimes, especially in the morning, when I’m drinking my coffee in the kitchen, he jumps on my lap and starts to knead on my robe. Unlike in other cats, the behavior started since I got this super-soft robe, so I believe cats are influenced also by the softness of the material when they knead.

Some of those who studied this behavior in cats say it’s related either to how cats’ ancestors were treading down grass to make nests for resting, or to the way newborns stimulate milk secretion of their mothers.

While I think my tomcat does this just to relax, similar to human stretching, the team behind FELIX® cat food found a totally different explanation, which will surprise you.

In the following video you’ll see the latest campaign for the new Felix Sensation Sauce Surprise and discover how it’s related to cats kneading behavior. The name comes from FELIX Sensation Sauce Surprise by Purina, the new range of meals for cats, which combine different flavors of meat and sause in 100 gram pouches.

And here is a tip for you to guess what the video will reveal:
Cats are clever and curious animals who quickly learn how to use their paws to open different things, including doors and boxes, to find hidden items that smell interesting. Cats also need training to do harder things, but when delicious food is involved, they can do amazing things to get their paws on it. Watch the video and share your thoughts.

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