Non-Toxic Solution Against Stains and Pheromones

Non Toxic Solution Against Stains and Pheromones

If you don’t want your dog or cat to attach to specific pleces in your home because you wnat to keep them protected from soiling, you could use a product like The Only Pet Stain Pheromone Removing Solution, which was developed specifically for this.

The solution inside the 32 oz bottle not only removes the existing stains but was formulated in such a way to bind to the pheromone molecules that attracts animals, in order to avoid the soiling behavior. The solution is safe for both children and pets and even to people who are sensitive to chemicals because it’s non-toxic, enzyme-free, non-flammable, fragrance-free, and biodegradable. You can apply it on any type of surface including carpets, fabric, upholstery, tile, concrete, hardwood floors, and so on.

Read more about it at Hammacher Schlemmer where you can purchase one bottle for $39.95.

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