Heated Cat House From Hammacher Schlemmer

Heated Cat House From Hammacher Schlemmer

I’m sure you keep your cat indoors during winter, but maybe you like to take care of stray cats that use to spend time in your garden. For those I recommend you to take a look at the heated cat house from Hammacher Schlemmer , which might be a great solution for keeping stray cats safe from winter’s cold.

This cat house has a high price and was designed for those who can afford it, but I guess two cats could fit inside. It features a removable 20W heater set inside the floor to generate heat without being too hot, while the floor is waterproof and comfortable. The cat house is covered in 600-denier nylon and waterproof vinyl, while rain drops fall off the sides withouttouching the cat inside. In addition, the house has two doors, front and back. To keep it warm, you need to plug it into AC using the cord.

Get one for your cat or a stray animal from Hammacher Schlemmer , for $129.95.

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