Dog Tag Sends Tweets with Your Dog’s Activity

Dog Tag Sends Tweets with Your Dogs Activity (1)

Puppy Tweets is a cool dog accessory that attaches to the collar and sends tweets whenever it detects activity from your dog, such as barking, playing or eating. The tag connects to an USB receiver that plugs into one of your computer’s USB ports and that’s how it communicates through Twitter. Continue reading

Dog Digital Camera from National Geographic

Dog Digital Camera from National Geographic (2)

National Geographic Pet’s Eye View Camera is suitable for larger dogs as it attaches to the neck collar so the owner to get snapshots of the world seen through the dog’s eyes. The portable camera is compact and features enough internal storage capacity for up to 40 photos. You can set the timer to take photos every 1, 5 or 15 minutes. Continue reading

Why do Cats Knead? Finally We Have an Answer!

Why do Cats Knead Finally We Have an Answer
My tomcat wants to appear independent and usually doesn’t ask for stroking, but sometimes, especially in the morning, when I’m drinking my coffee in the kitchen, he jumps on my lap and starts to knead on my robe. Unlike in other cats, the behavior started since I got this super-soft robe, so I believe cats are influenced also by the softness of the material when they knead.

Some of those who studied this behavior in cats say it’s related either to how cats’ ancestors were treading down grass to make nests for resting, or to the way newborns stimulate milk secretion of their mothers.

While I think my tomcat does this just to relax, similar to human stretching, the team behind FELIX® cat food found a totally different explanation, which will surprise you.
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Hands-on Review: Cotton Pet Bed from Tmart

Hands on Review Cotton Pet Bed from Tmart (7)

I found Tom on the streets about two years ago and because the wound at his mouth took two months to heal, me and my family got attached to him so much that we decided to keep him. Since then we have been trying to offer him everything he needed to have a great life in our home, starting with high-quality food, good toys and accessories. I picked this nice bed for him because it’s big, soft and warmy for cold seasons. Continue reading

5 Humans Foods That Will Make Your Kitty Love You More

5 Humans Foods That Will Make Your Kitty Love You More

We all know that beggars can’t be choosers, but kitties will beg anyways. If you find a cat sitting at your feet while you’re enjoying a nice meal, here are a couple of things you can share with them if you really care.

1. Fish

The moment you crack open that can of tuna, your kitty will surely be running towards you. Even though those adorable eyes will always be begging for more, make sure you keep your portions small. Too much fish over a period of time can lead to health problems, such as an abundance of fatty acids and magnesium, and even lead to mercury poisoning. Your feline friend’s diet should not be dependent on canned fish, or any fish at that. Anyways, you don’t want to spoil your kitty too much, do you?

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3 Easy Homemade Dog Treats

If you want to give your puppy a healthier alternative to a store-bought treat, I have the solution! As a bit of a health freak, I find myself reflecting my healthy habits on my puppy. So he gets stuck with the healthy, homemade treats rather than the yummy strips of preservatives that I don’t think sit well in his tummy. However, he doesn’t care what’s in his treat as long as it tastes good! Whether your dog has tummy issues, you just want to feed him healthier treats, or you are bored on a Sunday afternoon, I have 3 easy and healthy homemade dog treat recipes for you to choose from!

Peanut Butter And Yogurt Frozen Pops

This is so easy, and actually really healthy for your pup! Dogs love peanut butter, that’s no surprise, but it’s also an excellent form of protein for them. Yogurt helps fight off bad bacteria and helps keep your dog’s coat shiny and healthy. You will need about a spoonful of yogurt and a cup of peanut butter. First, you will need to melt the peanut butter. Then, mix the yogurt into the creamy mixture. Now, all you have to do is pour this mixture into an ice tray and let it freeze overnight. The next day, your pup will go crazy for these frozen peanut butter popsicles! Your dog will be especially fond of these with the summer months coming up. While your kids are eating popsicles, your dog can too. Continue reading

Smart Air Purifier

Smart Air Purifier (2)

Designed to purify one room’s air, this new device is a helpful accessory for those who have pets. The system is only 13 inch high and uses patented filter technology to get rid of airborne volatile compounds. According to the description, it is capable of eliminating 99% of the micron-sized particles in one room, so I guess it would be great either to include on in the room where your pet stays most of the time, or add one in every room. Continue reading